About SpOIL You

SpOIL You – doTERRA Oil Specialist
Enroller ID: 4671269

I’ve used oils for years, to complement my busy and hectic lifestyle. I came across doTERRA essential oils through a friend, and found doTERRA essential oils to be the most pure and potent on the market. My most favourite doTERRA oils are the ones I can add to my water and drink, use in cooking and baking – that’s what makes them unique, they are pure and chemical free. Many doTERRA oils you can apply directly to your skin, enabling quick absorption to the body. These essential oils are far superior than any other oils I have used on myself and my family.

I was so passionate about these oils and the results I was experiencing,  I started to share my story on my social networks, which in turn has turned into loads of questions about using the oils. SpOIL You was born out of the need for people with busy lifestyles to empower themselves by using pure, natural products to help them both physically and emotionally.  By taking care of ourselves, we are helping our families too.  doTERRA oils are safe for both adults and children to use, they have even been used on horses in New Zealand for their calming properties.

I love reading up on the various oils that are available, my passion keeps on growing the further I delve into the world of doTERRA oils. Please join me on my journey – be a bystander, ask questions, purchase oils – you choose – Join me on my Facebook page where I share uses, recipes and experiences: @doterraoilsgalway or email me on spoil_you@outlook.com

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