How my guests ended up sleeping on my kitchen table

I had family visit this weekend and yes two of them ended up on my kitchen table. Before I continue with this blog I just want to emphasise that at no point when I have guests do I put my essential oil hat on and bang on about their benefits (that usually only happens after a few glasses of wine). Seriously though for fear of putting off my friends and family, I only offer advice when asked or I just can’t help myself 😉

Anyway, back to the kitchen table. They asked about oils for neck pain, caused by occupational stresses, because both were close family members I offered them an aromatouch session on the kitchen table. Full explanation on what this is click here.

It’s those moments when I get ‘wow’ from people on how doTERRA’s oils have a fantastic effect on them reminds me of why I share my experiences on this blog site.

Aromatouch is a truly relaxing sensation but it’s not until after or sometimes the next day that the true benefits appear. Both family members slept great that night and both could not believe the improvement not only on their necks, but their overall feeling of wellness. That is the true power of doTERRA oils, these are therapeutic grade oils and not just your average oil burning variety.

There is one essential oil out of the eight that I applied during the aromatouch session that I feel helped my guests. The Deep Blue Blend – research on the effect that Deep Blue has on human cells showed that pre-inflamed skin cells were exposed to Deep Blue essential oil blend while others were left alone.

I know this sounds a bit pushy, but I had another guest visiting with his son this weekend (yes full house!!) who like me suffers from asthma, I diffused peppermint oil into his bedroom before he went to bed and let it run for an additional two hours. He noticed a significant change not only in his breathing quality, but also his young son who was suffering from a cold.

I like to think I spoil my guests!

Disclaimer: My guests expressed they were happy to share their experience on my blog as in their own words  ‘it’s true!’

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.”

How I slept through the night with star-fish Bella

I read in an article during the week that breaking wind in front of your husband leads to a longer relationship, but I have my reservations about that, I think my method to a lasting relationship is much more pleasing for both of us.

If there was the best companion in Ireland competition, then I’m sure I’d win it! Once the kiddies are tucked up in bed tonight, my husband will get to experience my newly found skill. Now, now, calm down everyone, all very respectable, all very above board.

Last Saturday, along with 15 others I learned doTERRA’s aromatouch technique. So, you are probably wondering why a marketing person needs to know aromatouch technique right? Well first, let me explain the effect it had on me and then what it is.

Let’s start with the fact that on the night I received the technique as part of the training I slept well, and by that, I mean Bella my ‘healthy’ four-year-old laid out on my back asleep in starfish position, without me even noticing. It was Shaun the next morning who told me she was like a limpet stuck to me. Her limpet technique is nothing new, but I probably smelled great too, so she didn’t budge all night. But for me not to notice her even getting in the bed that night, demonstrates to me that the aromatouch technique had a relaxing effect on me.

It is a method developed by a doctor, who formulated the perfect blend and step by step application of pure essential oils to ensure the receiver gets maximum benefit of the powerful properties of the oils. To be honest, as the ‘giver’ I also receive the benefits, it’s an extremely calming and relaxing method that switches me off. The focus of the technique is on the head, neck, back, feet or just limited to hands for those bodies off limits!

What makes this touch technique unique and super effective is the quality of the oils used. These are therapeutic grade oils, guaranteed to contain 100% essential oil – no fillers or chemicals. Sourced responsibly from countries where the plants are native and harvested at just the right time to allow for their high quality. The manufacturer even pays their harvesters to keep the plants longer in the soil so they are at their most potent when picked.

The technique and the sequence of the oil application also makes it very special. Starting with a relaxing oil blend called Balance followed on by Lavender. Step 2, involves the immune system oils – Melaleuca and On Guard, followed by step 3, another special blend developed by Dr. Hill called AromaTouch and Deep Blue, to offer relief to muscle discomfort – Deep Blue gives an immediate tingling effect.

Finally, two of my favourite oils are applied Wild Orange and Peppermint, giving you a pep in your step at the end of the session.

So why did I go to all the trouble of driving out to Loughrea, Galway (60KM away) to do this? Well, while I have an interest in doTERRA oils, I have limited knowledge, this was one step closer to empowering me with techniques and essential oil usage. When will I use it? Look I’ll never be Mother Theresa, but if I can help a friend who is going through a hard time, or my spouse stressed from work, or a child who needs calming down, this has armed me with something kind and safe that I never considered before.

Just to add before I close this blog down, the lady who taught the class Rosie made it easy for me to pick this technique up quickly. She is knowledgeable, approachable has a great sense of humour, and she made it fun. The group who took the class was an interesting mix, people like me wanting to learn something new, people suffering from various aliments looking to complement their treatments with something uninvasive and effective to holistic health practitioners who want to use the power of essential oils to complement their offerings.

Another bonus is I can receive an aromatouch technique from my fellow class mates who attended the training when I feel I need it. As for Bella, my sleeping starfish she will go on jumping in to our bed to snuggle up to next to us maybe until she is 17 – I’m coming to terms with that!

Line up line up, your new aromatouch agony aunt is here!   anyone can do this one day course and share the power of oils and gift the power of touch to someone who needs it!

Rethink your sports drink

I regularly go to workout classes and I always meet someone who dislikes the taste of water, they say it’s boring, dull etc… We are all aware of the benefits of water and most of us don’t drink enough.  In the past I have always added a dash of cordial or an ‘energy’ tablet to my sports drinks.  I stopped once I realised how much sugar they contained – after I discovered this diagram from Safefood:  M9403_Safefood_Drinks_Chart_V9

Then I came across doTERRA lemon oil after an aroma touch technique session,  I was offered a glass of water with one drop of lemon oil to help with hydration.  I was pleasantly surprised, not just by the taste but the smell of the water, it was invigorating and fresh.  It contained just one drop of doTERRA’s pure lemon oil.  It was beautifully potent because the oil is cold pressed from the rind of the lemon.  So not only did it add zest to my water, it was infused with Vitamin C.   I invested in a bottle, and a year later, it’s still a staple in my sports drinks and as part of my drinking water work routine!

For just 15. 58 euro a bottle it contains 400 drops, that’s a lot of flavour and drops packed into a 15ml bottle.  It’s small enough to put in your bag, pocket or leave on your desk.  Order a bottle from

The added bonus is that my daughters also enjoy it in their water during the day!

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