Rethink your sports drink

I regularly go to workout classes and I always meet someone who dislikes the taste of water, they say it’s boring, dull etc… We are all aware of the benefits of water and most of us don’t drink enough.  In the past I have always added a dash of cordial or an ‘energy’ tablet to my sports drinks.  I stopped once I realised how much sugar they contained – after I discovered this diagram from Safefood:  M9403_Safefood_Drinks_Chart_V9

Then I came across doTERRA lemon oil after an aroma touch technique session,  I was offered a glass of water with one drop of lemon oil to help with hydration.  I was pleasantly surprised, not just by the taste but the smell of the water, it was invigorating and fresh.  It contained just one drop of doTERRA’s pure lemon oil.  It was beautifully potent because the oil is cold pressed from the rind of the lemon.  So not only did it add zest to my water, it was infused with Vitamin C.   I invested in a bottle, and a year later, it’s still a staple in my sports drinks and as part of my drinking water work routine!

For just 15. 58 euro a bottle it contains 400 drops, that’s a lot of flavour and drops packed into a 15ml bottle.  It’s small enough to put in your bag, pocket or leave on your desk.  Order a bottle from

The added bonus is that my daughters also enjoy it in their water during the day!

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